University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Mechatronics

3-D Head-Tracking Vision System for Remote Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Qian Shi, 2017

Impact of the Ionospheric Disturbances on VLF Communication Systems

Konrad Pyrzanowski, 2017

The Human Gait and Prosthetic Leg Movement

Simos Michaels, 2017

Land-Based Rover with Autonomous Navigation

Maximilian Goldschmidt, 2017

Design of an EMS platform and State Feedback Controller for a Zero-Friction Magnetically and Pneumatically Levitated Platform

Joseph Chalmers, 2017

Hybrid Fluid-borne Noise (FBN) Control in Fluid-filled Pipeline

Mohammed Abu-Alfain, 2016

A Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping Algorithm Based on Forward Looking Sonar

Shengjun Xu, 2016

Control System for Robotic 3D Underwater Mapping Boat

Mohammad Alshamsi, 2016

Autonomous Quad Vehicle: Mapping and Real-time Driving

Manuel Alejandro Rivera Baca, 2016

Actuators and Sensors for Smart Structures

Jiachen Zhu, 2015

Modeling of spatially varying currents for underwater robot simulations

Eivind Froystad, 2015

Cloud Manufacturing

Asipol Anunta-Umporn, 2015

Flow measurement for an offset-pour flush latrine.

Stephen Davey, 2014

Control system development for dynamic six axis spine simulator

Oluwatosin Poluyi, 2014

Autonomous Quad Vehicle Position Estimation and Real Time Driving

Yuxiang Feng, 2014

Robotic Artificial Skin Using Layers of Fabric and Electrical Imaging

Ameer Mohammed, 2013

Motion Vision using Machine Intelligence

Ajith Raam Dhoraisawamy, 2013

Radar Sensing in an Autonomous Vehicle

Akhil Subash Kamath, 2013

High conductivity Magnetic Inductive Tomography (MIT) imaging using two planar inductive sensor arrays

Fatima Muhammad, 2013