Masters dissertations

MSc Sustainability and Management

Greenness in the face of resilience: Uncovering how the green supply chains of European fashion brands have been impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic

Hugh Williams, 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Human Resource Management (HRM) beyond Strategy An explorative study of the relationship between CSR and HRM and its manifestations

Isabella Barletta, 2021

The effect of front-of-pack messages on consumers’ willingness to try an edible insect product: comparing health, hedonic and sustainability messages

Jamie Sommer, 2021

Is Blockchain the Key to the Pursuit of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and Unlocking Consumer Trust?

Sophie Herrmann, 2019

How are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Italy and the UK trying to achieve women's full and effective participation and equal opportunities in leadership?

Costanza Maria Peretti, 2019

Encouraging consumers' transitions to sustainable fashion choices: Impacts of clothing outlets' contradictory marketing practices.

Keziah Rookes, 2019

Testing the Viability of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Tool to Enhance Poor Corporate Reputations

Maren Steinkemper, 2019

How should social enterprises (SEs) balance between two conflicting values' social and economic' in developing and executing their marketing strategies?

Suli Jeon, 2019

Sustainable Business Model Archetypes for Restaurants

Emilie Kehl, 2019

An explorative study into the extent UK supermarket modern slavery statements are constructed to build brand reputation

Martha Witty, 2019

British Students and the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Assessing their awareness and perceptions of the SDGs to delineate effective strategic communication strategies

Sebastian Hillinger, 2019

The Impact of The Green Supply Chain Management on Sustainability Performance: Evidence from Chinese Small and Medium Manufactures

Li Zhou, 2018

Social Entrepreneurs and their Social Capital

Stefanie Fanny Hofbauer, 2017

Smart Grid Technology: Factors Influencing Users' Acceptance in Jordan

Maria Khnouf, 2017


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