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Exam papers from the past five years are provided for revision purposes. Please be aware that older papers might not be relevant to current course content.
Where departments have indicated that papers cannot be made available they are marked as "restricted".
Solutions to some papers are available for Mathematical Sciences and Physics.

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Unit codeUnit title
MA10210Algebra 1B
2016-2017 semester 2 exam paper
2016-2017 semester 2 solutions
2015-2016 semester 2 exam paper
2015-2016 semester 2 solutions
2014-2015 semester 2 exam paper
2014-2015 semester 2 solutions
2013-2014 semester 2 exam paper
2013-2014 semester 2 solutions
2012-2013 semester 2 exam paper
2012-2013 semester 2 solutions

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