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Office of the Vice-President (Implementation)

We oversee the management of Human Resources, Digital, Data & Technology (DD&T), Process Improvement, The Edge, Sports Training Village and the Estates.

Responsibilities of the Office

Find out the areas of the University we are responsible for.

Human Resources

We offer support, guidance and other services to staff on things like health and safety, learning and development, recruitment, pay, leave, and staff welfare.

Digital, Data and Technology

Our mission at DDaT is to support teaching, learning, research and corporate services through the use of secure, reliable and accessible IT services.

Process Improvement

The Office of the Vice-President (Implementation) supports process improvement and projects across the University.

The Edge Arts

Our arts and creativity hub offers exhibitions, performing arts presentations, talks, arts classes, family and community events.

Department of Estates

We are responsible for the development, upkeep and management of all the University's land and buildings.

Vice-President (Implementation)

Read about Professor Steve Egan CBE.

About us

The Office carries out strategic and corporate planning and implements the University strategy. It works closely with The Vice-Chancellor's Office and manages various professional services of the University.

Contact us

Contact the Personal Assistant of the Vice-President (Implementation).