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HR Operations

We manage staff working operations, including leave, absence, inductions for new starters and disciplinary processes.

Taking leave

Find out about the different types of leave you may need to take and what to do if you're sick, as well as how you can request disability leave and apply for sabbatical leave from academic work.


Here are the different types of leave available to you as a member of staff.

Disability Leave

Explains what Disability Leave is, when it may apply and how it can be requested

Taking parental leave

How to arrange maternity, paternity, or shared parental leave, with guidance for managers and employees.

Paternity Leave

Explains what is paternity leave, the eligibility to receive it and how to apply for it

Managing your working hours

How to request flexible hours, work from home effectively, and find a working pattern that suits you and your role.

Flexible Working

Read this guide for more information on the flexible working options available, and the procedure for applying to work flexibly

Requesting Flexible Working

As a member of staff to understand how to make a flexible working request. As a line manager to consider a flexible working request from a member of your staff.

Reviewing work during the probation period

Find out about probation, with support for new members of staff during this period and guidance for managers on using our Effective Behaviours Framework to carry out reviews.


Probation is a period of time at the start of your employment for the University to assess your performance, conduct and suitability for your job.

Probation Forms

Use these forms to review performance and set objectives during the probation period.

Leaving and retiring

What to do if you're leaving your job, whether you're resigning, retiring, or your role is being made redundant.


We aim to make the process of leaving our employment as smooth as possible.


To understand what to do to resign or if a member of staff resigns.


This guide provides information on the arrangements for retirement

Flexible retirement

Explains what is flexible retirement, eligibility to receive it and how to apply for it

Staff behaviour

How the University, its staff, and its students should behave towards each other, as well as the processes for dealing with difficult situations and complaints about welfare and behaviour.

Difficult situations

This section provides information on the webpages, policy and guidance available in relation to difficult situations.

Disciplinary policy and procedure

How we ensure that employees who breach the rules of conduct are treated reasonably, consistently and fairly in every case. (Jan 21 COO & VPSE added to appeals)

About us

We manage procedures and policies affecting staff working operations. Our areas of responsibility include planned leave and sickness absence, disciplinary action, processes for new starters and advice for staff leaving their role.

Contact the HR Operations Team

You can use the link above to contact the HR Business Partner, HR Advisor or HR Operations Coordinator for your department. Alternatively, you can also contact the HR Operations Manager.