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University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Bruce Rayton


    Bruce researches human resource management and corporate social responsibility, linking HR practices with employee attitudes, financial and social performance.

  • Bruno Oliveira

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Bruno specialises in education, teaching, entrepreneurship, innovation and management education.

  • Carl-Philip Ahlbom

    Prize Fellow

    Carl-Philip specialises in retailing, shopper marketing, pricing and financial literacy.

  • Charlotte Backholer

    Charlotte Backholer - Research Information and Impact Officer

    Charlotte is a research information and impact officer in the School of Management.

  • Chenjian Zhang

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Chenjian researches entrepreneurs, institutional and organisational change, networking, sensemaking, international business, foreign investment and treaties.

  • Christopher Dawson

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Chris researches behaviourial and labour economics with a focus on optimism, disappointment aversion, gender and entrepreneurship.

  • Christos Vasilakis


    Christos researches in the area of operational research/management science applied to health and care system problems.

  • Claire Russell

    Teaching Fellow

    Claire specialises in business, company and commercial contract law.

  • Clive Lennox


    Clive researches audits, audit firms, inspection, audit quality, accounting research, accounting fraud and earnings management.

  • Cornelia Lawson

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Cornelia specialises in innovation, knowledge transfer, research productivity, research funding, scientist mobility and gender bias.