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University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Dan Davies

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Dan specialises in educational leadership and management, organisational studies in higher education, creativity and assessment.

  • Daniela Defazio

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Daniela researches innovation, entrepreneurship, start-ups, networks and technology strategy.

  • David Ford

    Emeritus Professor

    David researches networks, market segmentation, sensemaking, innovation and purchasing.

  • David Newton

    Professor and Head of Accounting, Finance and Law Division

    David researches derivatives, mathematical finance, asset pricing and a range of related topics.

  • David Sims

    School of Management Advisory Board Member

    Former CEO, Zurich Life

  • Deborah Brewis

    Lecturer (Assistant Professor)

    Deborah specialises in critical diversity, inclusion and inequalities, digital labour, embodiment and affective dynamics, leadership and change.

  • Deborah Fraser

    School of Management Advisory Board Member

    Director, CBI South West

  • Deborah Lewis

    Senior Teaching Fellow

    Deborah specialises in international financial reporting standards and corporate finance.

  • Debra Desrochers

    Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor)

    Debbie researches marketing, consumer research, food consumption, socialisation, childhood obesity, intergenerational transfers and public policy.

  • Dimitrios Gounopoulos

    Professor of Accounting and Finance

    Dimitrios researches shipping, freight transportation, decision structure, mergers and acquisitions, macroeconomics and stock exchange.