University of Bath

Person Profiles

Contact information and role details for members of staff.

  • Amy Thompson

    Head of Policy Programmes and Communications

    Amy is responsible for the IPR’s strategy to engage with, inform & influence policy decision-makers as well as delivery of the IPR’s Communications.

  • Ana Catalano Weeks

    Dr Ana Weeks - Lecturer

    Ana is a lecturer in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies.

  • Ana Dinerstein

    Dr Ana Dinerstein - Senior Lecturer

    Ana is a political sociologist with research interests in social and labour movements and the politics of policy in the Department of Social & Policy Sciences.

  • Ana Lanham

    Dr Ana Lanham - Lecturer

    Ana is a lecturer on Water Science and Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering, and focuses on environmental microbiology and biotechnology.

  • Ana Levordashka

    Dr Ana Levordashka - Research Associate

    Ana is a research associate in the School of Management.

  • Anastasios Koukoumelis

    Dr Anastasios Koukoumelis - Teaching Fellow

    Anastasios is a teaching fellow in the Department of Economics.

  • Andre Barrinha

    Dr Andre Barrinha - Lecturer

    Andre is a lecturer in the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies.

  • Andrea Abbas

    Head of Department of Education

    Andrea Abbas is responsible for the research, teaching and strategic planning of the Department of Education.

  • Andrea Braid

    Research Accounting Assistant

    Andrea is responsible for monitoring project finances at the University.

  • Andrea De Bartolomeis

    Andrea De Bartolomeis - Research Assistant

    Andrea is a research assistant in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.