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University of Bath

Professor Andrew Heath Academic Director, Centre for Learning & Teaching

Andrew is responsible for strategic planning of the Centre for Learning & Teaching.


Andrew was appointed as the first Academic Director of the Centre for Learning & Teaching in 2016. He oversees strategic direction and is responsible for developing initiatives to support delivery of high quality learning and teaching across the University.

Andrew's team offer a range of support to academic teaching staff and all those involved in supporting learning and teaching. This includes:

  • Working with academic departments and The SU Bath to encourage high levels of student engagement
  • Providing advice on good practice in curriculum and assessment development and acting as facilitators to support changes to programme design and delivery
  • Organising training to support University staff develop their teaching skills and gain recognition and accreditation for excellent teaching practice
  • Championing the use of new technologies to broaden and enhance approaches to learning and teaching.

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  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, Master of Science, University of California, Berkeley
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering, Doctor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley
  • Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Science, University of Cape Town