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University of Bath

Takashi Yonenaga Business Insight Manager

Supports the University's marketing and communications activities by providing market and customer insights.


Takashi joined the University of Bath as Marketing Analyst in 2012, and has been working as the Business Insight Manager since April 2017. He leads on the provision of market analysis, both quantitative and qualitative, and makes actionable recommendations as to how the University and its departments can take advantage of market opportunities.

His key areas of focus are:

  • optimisation of the University‚Äôs marketing activities to make sure that these are built on a good understanding of market opportunities and stakeholders' needs
  • conducting market research for new academic programmes


Before coming to the UK in 2010, Takashi worked as a marketing research analyst for Intage (the largest marketing research agency in Japan) for 7 years.

Takashi has experience in managing various marketing research projects, both domestic and international, ranging from large-scale brand surveys to ethnographic research of household items.


Takashi has a degree in Human Sciences and a master's degree in Media and Governance from Keio University, Japan. He also was awarded a distinction for his master's degree in Internet Systems and E-business, from Durham University.