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University of Bath

Ben Robinson Commercial Research Associate

Ben specialises in applied probability theory with a focus on stochastic control problems and optimisation in the presence of uncertainty.


Ben has extensive experience in the application of probability theory to model possible outcomes and inform decision making.

His research interests are optimisation in the presence of uncertainty, stochastic control problems, bayesian inference, mathematical finance and computational statistics.


Ben has worked on a wide range of academic and commercial projects within a variety of sectors. His areas of expertise include:

  • Data analysis and modelling to inform sustainable transport policies
  • Optimal stopping for early drought detection
  • Bayesian inference for pore size detection in rocks using nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Stochastic modelling of dermal absorption of chemicals
  • Optimisation of the end-to-end drug development process
  • Development of a spatial statistical model to predict historical concentrations of sea ice


Alongside working at the IMI, Ben is currently finalising his PhD in Statistical Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath. During his doctoral studies, Ben has worked on numerous private and public sector optimisation and innovation projects. He has also worked in the private sector conducting data analysis to inform strategy development for a UK based start-up company.


Ben is submitting his PhD dissertation in Statistical Applied Mathematics at the University of Bath in June 2020. He holds an MRes in Statistical Applied Mathematics from the University and an MSci in Mathematics from the University of Bristol.