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University of Bath

Dr Laura Hattam Commercial Research Associate

Laura specialises in multi-scaled models, dynamical systems, fluid flow analysis and energy sector forecasting.


Laura is an applied mathematician who specialises in combining various mathematical techniques to construct multi-scaled models that can inform decision making.

Her research interests are nonlinear waves, dynamical systems, complex modelling and fluid flow analysis.


Laura has extensive experience of working on academic and commercial projects within a variety of sectors. Her areas of expertise include:

  • Mathematical modelling of a combustion engine simulator
  • Prediction of drug absorption through the skin using experimental data
  • Investigation of the physical factors which affect how dough pieces detach from a conveyor belt when they are submerged in hot oil
  • Social network analysis and dynamic life cycle assessment
  • Forecasting of low carbon technologies uptake and its impact on electricity networks
  • Development of an energy disaggregation algorithm for implementation with energy monitoring equipment
  • Modelling of stem cell differentiation
  • Traffic and fluid flow analysis
  • Survey data analysis
  • Scenario analysis to forecast potential emission reductions across a geographical region


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Before joining the IMI, Laura worked as a postdoctoral researcher within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Reading. Here she contributed to the Thames Valley Vision project by forecasting the uptake of low-carbon technologies with project partners Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.

At the University of Reading, Laura also worked on the development of an energy disaggregation method for SMEs, which formed part of the Innovate UK Responsive Algorithmic Enterprise project.


  • PhD, Applied Mathematics, Monash University
  • Honours, Mathematics, University of Melbourne
  • BSc, Mathematics and Physics, University of Melbourne