University of Bath

Dr Lorna Wilson Commercial Research Associate

Lorna provides mathematical modelling and data analysis expertise to businesses, the public sector and academic colleagues.


Lorna exploits real-world data sets to tackle relevant industrial or interdisciplinary problems. Her research interests include:

  • the relative merits of, and intersection between, stochastic and deterministic modelling
  • collective dynamics
  • systems exhibiting periodicity or cyclic behaviour
  • stochastic processes


Lorna has recently worked on academic and commercial projects such as:

  • forecasting insurance losses resulting from typhoons in China
  • the resilience of cocoa farming to climate variation
  • mathematical modelling of sleep behaviour as a measure of avian welfare
  • analysis of the effect of voltage reduction on the UK power grid
  • optimisation of thermoacoustic energy-harvesting techniques
  • time series analysis and modelling of chaos in combustion engines


Before joining the IMI, Lorna worked on a range of industrial mathematical problems, from analysing the decision making of chickens in commercial farms to modelling the outbreak of the swine flu epidemic. She is a member of the EPSRC Mathematical Sciences Early Career Forum.


Lorna holds a PhD in the behaviour of zero-crossings in continuous stochastic processes from the University of Nottingham, and an MMath in Mathematics from University of Oxford.