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University of Bath

Michelle James SWC Deputy Accommodation Operations Team Leader

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I have worked at the university for 5 years, I am currently a Deputy accommodation team leader in the new Polden accommodation, line managing 11 members of staff.

I have worked in East, City and West accommodation and also in the East Accommodation Centre, this has given me a good understanding of how accommodation operates during both term times and the summer months, enabling me to appreciate the different pressures staff can be under during these times.

Wellbeing Statement

Sometimes people struggle and need a little help to get back on track. The earlier someone seeks help the better, Wellbeing Champions are here to signpost anyone who may be struggling to receive support.


I have 4 children so I understand how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy work/life balance while managing the struggles of day to day life. I enjoy going to the gym and Zumba/dance fit, I am happy to go along with anyone who wants to go to a fitness/wellbeing class as moral support.