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University of Bath

Malcolm Holley Elected by Professional Service Staff

Will undertake the responsibilities of members of governing bodies as set out in the CUC Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK


Malcolm has been employed as a science technician at the University of Bath since 1997, rising through the ranks in the Faculty to his current position. Previously he held technical posts at Oxford and Bristol universities as well as a post-grad research post at Bristol University. He has developed skills and interests in relocating almost anything to and from anywhere and solving field work issues.

He and his wife settled in a Wiltshire village 20 years ago and raised two daughters. The village citizens kept him as the chairman of their Parish Council for more than ten years, including a stint as a governor for the local village primary school.

He grew up in the countryside as part of a large single parent family, in social housing, with a couple of years in a children's home thrown in for good measure. Seeking the answers to 'Why?' has been his interest from a very early age, and one of his earliest treasured possessions was a set of Arthur Mee's 'Children's Encyclopaedia' which he read endlessly. Malcolm's formal education was a bit hit and miss, depending on whether the potatoes or other items needed harvesting. However, he eventually ended up at the University of Bristol as a mature student and left with an honours degree in Zoology. He was the first and only member of his family to attend university.

Malcolm is building a rather large oak framed extension to his house. He paints badly; writes poetry - somewhat better; can wield a blacksmith's hammer with gusto; has occasionally pipped Lady Bath to the silverware in sculpture contests; and, following several trips to South Korea, his architectural interests have expanded to include Joseon Dynasty vernacular architecture.

Register of Interests declaration

Read the 2020/21 Register of Interests for Malcolm Holley and other members of Council.