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University of Bath

Dr Jon Slade Experimental Officer - VSimulators

Jon provides technical, experimental and developmental support for the VSimulators tall-building motion simulator within the Civil Engineering laboratories.


The Bath VSimulators equipment is a tall building sway simulator featuring a unique climate-controlled chamber with precise environmental control and extensive occupant monitoring. It can mimic biaxial (horizontal) building sway up to 0.8m at low frequencies (0.025-6Hz) and accelerations up to 0.06g (above which walking becomes difficult). This allows simulation of the full range of horizontal motions typical of medium to tall buildings, when subject to wind loading. The simulator will primarily be used to study, for the first time, human response to the interaction between motion and environmental stimuli. The unique facility consists of a hydraulically controlled lateral motion platform, onto which is mounted an environmentally controlled room in which human subjects will be tested and monitored. The equipment is aimed at understanding human perception and acceptability of motion in tall buildings and how the internal environment affects this acceptability.


Jon is an experienced experimental officer, research scientist and IT professional with over 15 years of industry expertise, working in multi-national teams and independently to successfully deliver high-quality requirements on-time. His experience covers a wide range of sectors including civil engineering, architectural building design, IT, geospatial, mobile and fixed-line telecoms, local government, logistics, finance, travel services and customer services. This includes experience working at the built environment consultancy Arup.


  • PhD in Computer Science and Geographic Information Systems from Cardiff University on the use of computer vision and machine learning techniques to create missing geometry and semantics in 3D virtual building models
  • MSc in Geographic Information Science from UCL (Dissertation: Development of 3D animated maps tool to create immersive experience of a journey)
  • BSc in Geology from University of Bristol