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University of Bath

Dr Nathalia Gjersoe PhD Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)

Nathalia Gjersoe oversees strategies for learning, teaching and student experience for undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses in the Faculty.


Nathalia Gjersoe was appointed Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) for the Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences in October 2019. She is also Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Psychology.

Nathalia is Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology. Her research interests focus on understanding the developmental roots of adult beliefs within science, religion and politics.


  • Child-Robot Interaction
  • Cognitive biases and consumer behaviour
  • The psychology of voting
  • The psychology of religion
  • Science communication and its impact

This person is available to supervise research degree projects


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Nathalia has examined the developmental roots of cognitive biases for several years, with a particular interest in cross-cultural comparisons. She has worked extensively with charities, schools, newspapers, TV companies and museums to create age appropriate interventions for better science education. She held positions at Bristol University and the Open University before joining the University of Bath in 2016.


Nathalia gained an MA Psychology & Business Studies from the University of Edinburgh and a PhD from Bristol University, examining developmental change in visual metacognition.