University of Bath

Professor Tim Mays BSc, PhD, CPhys, CSci, MInstP, FIChemE Head of Department of Chemical Engineering

Tim is responsible for the teaching, research and strategic planning of the Department of Chemical Engineering.


Professor Tim Mays was appointed Head of Department for Chemical Engineering in 2013. He is a Professor in Chemical and Materials Engineering with research expertise in energy and materials research.

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  • Nanostructured materials for sustainable energy
  • Hydrogen storage for energy systems
  • Advanced materials for environmental control
  • Characterisation and design of porous solids
  • Molecular simulations of gas-sold interfaces
  • Novel methods for studying porosity in solid materials
  • Effects of porosity on material properties such as chemical reactivity and mechanical strength

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Tim worked in the nuclear industry before joining the University of Bath to undertake a PhD in nuclear graphites. After graduating, he held the role of postdoctoral research assistant in the Department of Chemical Engineering before joining as an academic member of staff in 1994.

Tim has held the positions of Lecturer, Admissions Tutor, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Postgraduate Studies.