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University of Bath

Rob Oliver IAAPS Chief Engineer

Rob is responsible for the technical execution of IAAPS, this includes test systems, building integration and delivery of testing activity.


Rob is responsible for the specification, installation, commissioning and efficient operation of the research facilities within IAAPS, ensuring that IAAPS has the capability to meet the challenging low and zero emissions targets of the automotive industry going forward over the next 20 plus years.


Rob has spent the vast majority of his career in Automotive and Off-Highway Powertrain Transmission Test & Development with Director and Senior Management level experience in both OEM and Powertrain Engineering Consultancy. Rob has led the design, installation and commissions of three pervious large powertrain / transmission test facilities and managed multi-million pound customer and grant funded R&D projects delivering high levels of customer value in technically challenging scenarios. Rob has been granted 14 patents associated to transmission and powertrain systems.


Rob has an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.