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University of Bath

Gavin Edwards IAAPS Programme Director

Heading up delivery of IAAPS and responsible for overseeing the completion of the building, developing commercial partnerships and delivery of all operations.


Gavin is responsible for delivering IAAPS, including the operation, building and equipment; ensuring the Institute leads the way in developing the next generation of ultra-low and zero emission vehicles and continues to work with commercial partners to deliver what is needed by industry.


Gavin has led the development of a number of multi-million pound ground breaking investments and automotive research projects in the past 10 years. He has a strong history in setting up and delivering new programmes and building facilities to support better links between University research and businesses, ranging from OEMs to SMEs. Gavin's experience includes delivery of the £150m National Automotive Innovation Centre, £25m Advanced Propulsion Research Laboratory, £12.4m International Institute for Product and Service Innovation and the £10m Digital Lab. Gavin also has a history of leading major research programmes in the automotive sector, including the £11m Towards Autonomy: Smart and Connected Control (TASCC) jointly funded by JLR and ESPRC, tacking fundamental technology and user acceptance questions of autonomous vehicles. He also led the £12.4m Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSi), funded by JLR and ESPRC, giving the UK a global lead in simulation technology. Gavin has a track record of delivering funding, having led, or been a key member of teams securing a total of £51.4m government funding and £117m of industry funding over the last 12 years.


Gavin's background, as an IT professional, includes several years working on collaborative research-led software projects with major partners in the automotive and other industries. Gavin has a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science, is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the British Computer Society.