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University of Bath

Mr Tomasz Duda IAAPS Technical Specialist

Tomasz is responsible for the implementation and integration of the rig control system and development of IAAPS' digital twin facilities


Tomasz has worked at the University of Bath for the last 8 years on a number of research projects around the internal combustion engines targeting:

  • The development of virtual toolset allowing for the multi-variable architecture optimisation of spark ignition powertrains (DYNAMO project)
  • The development of the combined steam and exhaust gas turbine working in the inverted Brayton cycle for the waste heat reduction (COSTART)
  • The new development methods for engine boosting (TurboCentre)


Tomasz completed his PhD on testing and simulations of automotive turbomachinery at the University of Bath (2017) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He undertook his MSc at the Silesian University of Technology (2007), Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Power where he studied the Specialisation of Numerical Methods in Power and Automotive Engineering.