University of Bath

Dr David Cleevely CBE FREng FIET IPR Advisory Board member

Dr Cleevely is Chair of Advisory Council at Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge.


David Cleevely CBE FREng FIET chairs the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP's) Advisory Council, which brings together leading figures in government, academia, civil society and business to provide high-level external advice and input to the Centre. The Council advises on CSaP's strategy and activities, paying particular regard to the views of external stakeholders and supporters; reviews the implementation of previously agreed strategies; evaluates how CSaP’s programmes are perceived by its various stakeholders; raises the profile of CSaP in the communities within which Advisory Council members operate; and advises on the development of strategies for attracting more resources, including fundraising.

As Founding Director, David launched CSaP within the University of Cambridge in 2009. Working together with the Centre's original Executive Committee, David established its objectives and processes, and set up its flagship Fellowship and Workshop programmes