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University of Bath

Lou Piper IT Support Technician

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I have studied IT in College and University I now have the role on the IT service desk. I have also taught IT basics to all ages to improve their employability skills. I was a Mental Health Wellbeing member in my previous Job and completed my MHA (mental Health First aid training).

Wellbeing Statement

There have been times in my life I just felt like I would be burdening people with my problems. Talking about all challenges in life no matter how big or small you think they are is great, knowing someone is taking time to listening to you help takes some of that weight of your shoulders. I am here to do what that person did for me listen and support as much as I can.


I love learning new things, be it in Technology or in life. I like cars and have been a Motor sport Marshal for BARC. I post a lot of positive quotes on my social to remind me to keep positive and help others get through their day.