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University of Bath

Dr Chris Vagg MEng, PhD Lecturer in Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (Electrification)

Chris is responsible for research on electrified powertrain solutions, in particular where system level analysis or architectural innovation is required


Chris conducts research on electrified powertrain solutions including system level analysis, architectural innovation and thermal management.

Units taught


  • Engine and powertrain technologies (MSc)
  • Conceptual design group activity (MSc)


  • Engine and powertrain technologies (MSc)
  • Conceptual design group activity (MSc)


  • Electrified powertrain system dimensioning
  • Interdisciplinary powertrain optimisation
  • Translation of Real World usage patterns into Powertrain Requirements Definition
  • Energy management in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (Energy optimisation)
  • Thermal management of electric powertrains
  • Electrified Motorsport
  • Lightweighting of electric powertrains


OCTOPUS: Optimised Components, Test and simulatiOn toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high speed motor Solutions

This person is available to supervise research degree projects


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Chris Vagg joined IAAPS in September 2019 from Renault Sport Racing (Paris). After graduating in 2009 he first worked in wind tunnel engineering support at the Brawn GP Formula 1 Team, before returning to academia to undertake his PhD at the University of Bath. His research was with Ashwoods Automotive Ltd, which also involved developing the “Lightfoot” product to reduce fuel consumption by changing driving behaviour patterns, and examining the effect of this on HEV energy management.

In 2014 Chris moved to Renault Sport Racing (Paris) where for 5 years he led the development of Formula E electric powertrain and vehicle control systems for Renault, and later Nissan. This included responsibility for the electric drive system, dimensioning the powertrain components and gearbox, simulation, requirements management, and selecting the best technologies to keep the team competitive. Under his leadership the Renault-powered cars won the Formula E Teams’ Championships for 3 years consecutively from 2015-2017, as well as Driver's titles in 2016 and 2018. His team also delivered the first significant powertrain innovation to come out of Formula E which forced the major rule change in maximum number of motors permitted, moving from two authorised motors to only one in 2019.

Chris joined the University of Bath as a Lecturer in September 2019. His research interests are in electrified vehicle propulsion, especially applying a system level understanding of the vehicle and powertrain to solve interdisciplinary problems. He is interested in developing tools to facilitate system design and make better use of established technologies to avoid over-dimensioning more expensive powertrain components.


MEng(Hons) from University of Bristol, 2009 and PhD from University of Bath, 2014. His PhD research was on predictive optimal energy management for hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).