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University of Bath

Dr Zhongze Wu PF Prize Fellow in Electric Propulsion

Zhongze is responsible for the research and teaching of advanced electrical machines and drives


As a Prize Fellow, Zhongze leads high quality research projects in electric propulsion. He is also Associate Editor for IET Electric Power Applications.

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Research Fellow at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)

Units taught


Engine and Powertrain Technology


  • High speed propulsion motors (30krpm, 150kW)
  • High power density propulsion motors (con. power: 7kW/kg, 25kW/L)
  • High speed electrical machines for turbocharger/range extender
  • Improved thermal modelling and thermal management of propulsion motors
  • Position sensorless and thermal sensorless electrical machine controllers for propulsion motors
  • High reliability and high efficiency multi-phase electrical machines and drives


OCTOPUS: Optimised Components, Test and simulation toolkits for Powertrains which integrate Ultra high speed motor Solutions

This person is available to supervise research degree projects


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Zhongze was previously a research fellow for the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at University of Warwick, working on the High Volume E-Machines Manufacturing Supply project (HVEMS) led by JLR. He received the 3rd prize for best paper award of IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (2016-2017) and Chinese government award for outstanding self-financed students abroad (2016).


BEng and MSc from Southeast University, China in 2013. Sponsored by Valeo, France, Zhongze also completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield and helped to develop the 35kW non-magnet propulsion motor for automotive.