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University of Bath

Professor Maik Schneider Professor

Member of the University of Bath internal coaching network


While mentoring especially early career researchers has been a constant part of Maik's professional role for many years, he started coaching and trained as a coach in 2018. To date, most of his coaching experience has been external to the University and includes coaching related to leadership roles, career progression/change and work-life balance.

Maik's approach to coaching emphasises that everyone (and every team) is unique in their personality and experiences and will embark on a unique journey in discovering and developing their potential to achieve their goals - be it in relation to a new leadership role, effective communication or building greater resilience. He is passionate to guide and support this process as a coach.


Particular areas of interest in relation to coaching:

  • Leadership/aspiring leaders
  • Communication/Interpersonal skills
  • Resilience and stress reduction


Maik is a Professor of Economics and the Director of Research at the Department of Economics. Currently his main research focus is on the Economics of Artificial Intelligence as well as on the path to a future net zero economy.

Aside to his research, which he enjoys, his professional role involves leadership, e.g. as Director of Research or in research projects, effective communication with different types of audiences, and mentoring and coaching early career researchers, colleagues and students. It is this side of his professional role, together with a broader personal interest, that sparked his enthusiasm for coaching.


Coaching related qualifications:

  • ILM 5 Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring
  • NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA certified)