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University of Bath

Dr Steven Chapman Research Computing Manager (Outgoing)

Steven Chapman is leaving the University at the beginning of September after successfully leading the Research Computing group for over a decade.


In this role, Steven spends most of his time building relationships with the research community and partners, providing advice on strategic priorities and delivering key projects to meet these priorities.


Since joining the University in 2012, Steven has been played a focal role in growing and developing the HPC community. He led on the design and commissioning of the Balena HPC Service and the decommissioning of the Aquila HPC service. Not only has the community grown in number of researchers, it has also grown in diversity of the different types of science being supported.

Prior to joining Bath, Steven had several roles at the University of Central Lancashire. Starting at the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, he managed and provided support for those in the Astrophysics group. He then managing the central HPC service for the University, as well building and managing a UK data hub for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) data pipeline.

Throughout these different roles, Steven has been on both sides of the fence, being a researcher and supporting research. He is passionate about helping research communities achieve their potential, regardless of scale of compute or size of data.


Received a PhD in Solar Astrophysics, from the University of Central Lancashire, where he studied the evolution of coronal holes on the Sun during the solar activity cycle using synoptic spectra data from SOHO (

Steven holds an Executive MBA from the University's School of Management.