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University of Bath

Dr Stefano Angioni Research Computing Manager

Stefano heads up the Research Computing group, which manages the University supercomputing environments and provides campus-wide software development support.


Stefano is a senior cloud HPC developer and heads up the Research Computing team of specialist HPC system developers, research software engineers, external project consultants, project management and communications staff.

He is responsible for the operation of the University's supercomputing environments and research software engineering support.

The Research Computing group is dedicated to support institutional excellence in computational research and teachings in all academic disciplines.

We provide the expertise to maximise the use and benefit of supercomputers in academic research, and help academics develop effective, scalable and reliable research software that accelerates output.

Stefano also leads the development of Bath's new HPC applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud, and efforts to expand the use of supercomputing in academic research.


Stefano's first position at the University was as a post-doc in mechanical engineering, where he used Balena as a research associate in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has since moved on to the Digital, Data and Technology group where he continues working on HPC computing.


Stefano began his studies in Italy before moving to the University of Bath to study his PhD in Computational Mechanics.