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University of Bath

Dr Andrew Lewis PhD MEng Research Fellow

Andrew is the Project Manager and technical lead on both Government and Industry funded research projects


Andrew is responsible for the technical oversight of projects as well as project reporting, coordination and financial budget control. He also leads day-to-day interaction with industrial and academic collaborators.


  • Internal combustion Engines
  • Advanced Ignition Systems
  • Thermal Management
  • Fuel technology
  • Hybrid systems


  • BOOST – Bath and Jaguar Land Rover Boosting and Dilution Centre of Excellence
  • SPEEDV - Super-high Power-dense Engines for Electric-hybrid Vehicles - Modular Downsized Internal Combustion Engines with Low CO2 Per Unit Power Output for Hybrid Powertrain

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Andrew is currently a Research Fellow at IAAPS and lead researcher on the SPEED-V project with McLaren Automotive as well as technical lead engineer within the JLR and Bath Centre of Excellence for Boosting and Dilution. He is responsible for the engine based experimental programs and project management.


Andrew obtained a Masters degree in Automotive Engineering in 2008 and a PhD in Automotive Engineering in 2014 both at the University of Bath. His research has been primarily focused on gasoline engine technology in recent years, including 1D and 3D simulation techniques for improved development processes, but his PhD was centred around the fundamental effects of active thermal management systems on the internal heat transfer within diesel engines.