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University of Bath

Dr Edward Chappell PhD MEng (hons) Research Fellow

Ed is responsible for a small team of researchers and PhD students working on a variety of industrial research projects, in vehicle performance and emissions


Ed manages a small team of researchers and PhD students working on a variety of industrial research projects, in the field of vehicle performance and emissions. He is responsible for the technical direction and day to day management of these research projects within the IAAPS group at the University of Bath.

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Ed is also an advisor to the team responsible for moving the existing chassis dynamometer facility from the University of Bath to the new IAAPS site at the Bristol and Bath Science Park. He is further involved in numerous other aspects of the setup of IAAPS.


  • Improving the precision of chassis dynamometer testing
  • Performance of tyres and novel techniques for assessing tyre wear and manufacturing defects
  • Real driving emissions and driving behaviour
  • Statistical methods and data science, specifically in application to engineering problems


  • Model Based Validation (Ford Motor Company)
  • Dynamo (Ford Motor Company)
  • Fuel degradation (Shell)

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Dr Ed Chappell is a Research Fellow in the IAAPS group at the University of Bath. He graduated with an undergraduate degree in Automotive Engineering from the University of Bath in 2009. He focused on the Team Bath Racing 2009 Team activity during his final year, who achieved the top UK team and were ranked 4th place overall in the UK competition at Silverstone. During his undergraduate degree he received the Persides Prize for the best Formula Student final year project and the Smallpeice Trust group business design prize. He achieved his PhD from the University of Bath in 2015, in the field of improving the precision of vehicle fuel economy testing on a chassis dynamometer. He is still active in this field of research and currently manages a small team of researchers working on a process improvement project for a major OEM.

Since graduating with his undergraduate degree Ed has worked in both academia and industry, having spent time working on research projects at Bath University and at Ford Motor Company in Essex. He has substantial experience of vehicle emissions testing on chassis dynamometers having worked for several years on projects with BP, Shell and Ford using these facilities. The project that Ed ran with Ford Motor Company between 2010 and 2012, was awarded the University of Bath Knowledge Exchange Award in 2012.

Ed has been trained in lean six sigma and statistical process control tools. He has also worked extensively in the field of Real Driving Emissions (RDE) research, specifically looking at driver behaviour and the impact on emissions. Ed also has experience of leading major infrastructure projects having managed the £2.2m EPSRC funded upgrade to the chassis dynamometer facility at the University of Bath and holds qualifications in project management.


MEng (hons) Automotive Engineering, 2009 and PhD, 2015 both at the University of Bath. Project Management: Galileo Master Certificate, 2017.