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University of Bath

Dr Conn O'Rourke Research Software Engineer

Conn supports the development of sustainable research software for the University community.


The focus of Conn’s role is to support the development of sustainable research software for the University community through:

  • Consultation: advising researchers on how best to write sustainable software and help improve the quality of software they produce.
  • Collaboration: working with researchers on research software development projects
  • Funding Advice: advising on the inclusion of HPC resources and research software engineer time on funding proposals, and assistance in structuring software development funding proposals
  • High Performance Computing Support: supporting researchers in porting codes and using the GW4 Tier 2 Isambard service
  • Training: Postgraduate and researcher training


Conn’s personal research interests include the use and development of electronic structure methods, such as density functional theory, in the simulation of battery and solar cell materials as well as molecular dynamics simulations of ionic transport. He has a keen interest in the development of linear scaling density functional theory approaches and open source tools for crystal and structure analysis.


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Conn has an undergraduate MPhys in Theoretical Physics from the University of York. He received a PhD in Computational Physics from University College London, where the focus of his work was on computational approaches for the simulation of dye sensitised solar cells and the development of the linear scaling density functional theory code ConQuEST. He subsequently joined the Morgan group in The University of Bath’s Chemistry department to work on the simulation of battery materials.

Having been appointed a Research Software Engineer in the Research Computing Group Conn’s goals are to develop a community of sustainable research software development at the University and to push for the continued development of further RSE roles within the University.