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University of Bath

Dr Evgeniya Malikova Research Software Engineer

Evgeniya works on the design and development of a cutting-edge software platform for interacting with complex, large-scale astrophysics data.


Evgeniya supports the 4MOST research work in the Astrophysics Group within the Department of Physics. She is also a member of the University's Research Software Engineering team.

The 4MOST (4-metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope) Consortium is developing a new wide-field fibre-fed spectrograph to survey the southern sky. Expected to be ready for use in Q1, 2024, the instrument will be integrated into the VISTA telescope, operated by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile.

As a project researcher, Evgeniya spends most of her time designing and developing the pipelines and interfaces for interacting with the complex astrophysics data streams the instrument will generate.


Evgeniya has over 10 years’ experience in developing tools for analysing scientific phenomena.

Her research is carried out in close collaboration with subject matter specialists such as physicists, astronomers, engineers or machine learning, digital fabrication, and medical specialists.

Evgeniya is fascinated by the benefits computer graphics techniques and GPU acceleration can bring to scientific exploration. Her solutions to aid research integrates rendering with computationally expensive tasks such as volume data modelling.

Before joining the University, Evgeniya worked on both academic and commercial research projects.

Evgeniya joins Bath from Portsmouth University, where she worked on the visual analysis of large-scale astrophysics data and contributed to the Neanias Project's development of web solutions for HPC environments.


  • PhD in Computer Science from Bournemouth University, 2021.

During her doctoral studies, Evgeniya explored the design of GPU-accelerated visual-auditory pipelines for analysing dynamic multiscale properties of heterogeneous objects, which often have complex, hybrid representations.