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University of Bath

Dr Matt Clarke Research Software Engineer

Matt helps academics increase their research outputs through optimal use of research software and high performance computing.


Responsibilities include:

  • advise on optimal use of high performance computing (HPC) within all areas of research
  • support the deployment and use of HPC in research
  • assist the development of sustainable research software practices


Matt specialises in developing workflows that facilitate reproducible and faster computational research.

He has worked within a broad range of fields, including:

  • lithium-ion transport across grain boundaries in solid-state batteries
  • modelling fluid flow in bioreactors and offshore drilling rigs
  • parameter fitting codes for wastewater modelling


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  • MRes in Sustainable Chemical Technologies, University of Bath
  • MEng in Chemical Engineering, University of Bath
  • PhD in Chemistry, University of Bath

During his doctoral studies, Matt explored grain boundaries and ion doping effects on lithium-ion transport in solid electrolyte materials.