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University of Bath

Sean Devane SETsquared Bath Centre Manager

Sean manages activities and networks at the SETsquared Bath Innovation Centre, and is ambassador for university enterprise internally and externally.


Sean is part of the enterprise team at the University of Bath SETsquared Innovation Centre. He is responsible for:

  • coordinating SETsquared services to accelerate your business, for centre and programme members
  • managing the graduate enterprise team, the EiR (Entrepreneur in Residence) pool, and the customer support team
  • recruiting and coordinating a Talent Pool of professional advisors, a Mentor community, and the Bath Tech Investment Network
  • participating in business and academic networks for the university, to get new members, mentors and investors
  • facilitating introductions, events and new initiatives to support the commercialisation of University research


Sean has a background is in Innovation and Product Development, with over twenty five years of innovation consulting experience. He has worked with a wide spectrum of organisations including startups, SME’s, Bristol and Bath SETsquared, UK Universities and multinational companies including GE Healthcare, J&J, Samsung, Shell, Bentley and Unilever.