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University of Bath

Elle Chiverton SWC Sports Development & Recreation Receptionist

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I began my role in August 2019. My responsibilities as a receptionist are to take bookings and payments, transfer people to the right department, provide security for the building, provide customer service, follow health, safety and fire safety procedures, complete cashing up, create accounts, update lists and admin.

Wellbeing Statement

I feel that raising awareness about health and wellbeing is a key part of helping people feel like they are being listened too and that they do matter. I want to help people be aware of the support and guidance that is available no matter how big or small the issue is. I believe that our physical, emotional and mental health all has an impact on each other, therefore talking about all areas of health and wellbeing is important. I have completed the Mental Health First Aid course.


I spend my spare time walking my dog, volunteering for Bath Dogs and Cats Home, swimming, running and tend to draw to engage in something more creative.