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University of Bath

Annie Willingham Student Governor

Will undertake the responsibilities of members of governing bodies as set out in the CUC Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK.


Annie Willingham was elected by the Students' Union as its President to the Council of the University of Bath for 2021/22. Annie had previously been elected Students' Union Education Officer for 2020/21.


I was an Education with Psychology student whilst at Bath and completed my placement year in Madrid (fun fact – I’m bilingual in Spanish and English). During my time at Uni I’ve been involved in the wider student experience in many different ways and recognise just how important it is to keep a healthy work / study life balance. Last year I sat on Senate and I was a NUS Conference Delegate which allowed me to see the impact that can be made on a national level when advocating for a diverse, equitable and inclusive student experience, one I am eager to continue.

If I’m not in the SU I’m often found in the STV Trampolining or somewhere listening to chilled music surrounded by a million fairy lights. I have a passion towards enhancing provisions for mental health and over the next year I’m determined to keep lobbying the university to improve pastoral support, input into the teaching stream of the Climate Action Framework and improve accessibility to learning.

The next year will be full of challenges as we are about to enter a whole new teaching and learning experience but one that I know students will adapt to and excel in.

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Register of Interests declaration

Read the 2021/22 Register of Interests for Annie Willingham and other members of Council.