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University of Bath

Jacob Withington Student Governor

Will undertake the responsibilities of members of governing bodies as set out in the CUC Guide for Members of Higher Education Governing Bodies in the UK.


Jacob Withington was elected by the Students' Union as its Education Officer to the Council of the University of Bath for 2021/22.


Over the past 4 years, I have been studying Physics with a much-needed placement year at GSK doing Biophysics where I looked at the structure and binding of proteins to compounds.

I have been an academic rep where I thoroughly enjoyed solving issues my cohort faced. I was chair of TEDx, so I love a TED talk. In my final year I was Politics & Activism lead and a faculty rep where I gained experience in solving cross-department issues. I thoroughly enjoy getting involved with politics, whether national or helping to shape our SU over the past few years. I love learning about new things and hearing people’s views on all sorts of topics as I have a variety of interests, such as politics, engineering, science, and management.

I’m from Worcestershire so, of course, I love the countryside. You can find me most weekends on a walk or ticking off National Trust sites around the area; I’m always eager to find new ones.

The next year is an exciting time where we can shape the learning experience to suit students’ needs. I have a passion for making the learning experience the best it can be and ensuring it works for everyone.