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University of Bath

Georgie Field SWC Undergraduate Programmes Administrative Assistant

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I help support the Undergraduate Programmes Administration Team in Maths and Pharmacy and Pharmacology. I work on the tutoring system within the Maths Department, where I recruit and allocate tutorials and am the first point of contact for our PhD tutors. Before coming to the University, I worked as a Primary School Teaching Assistant and as a Senior Events Assistant.

Wellbeing Statement

As someone who has struggled with their own mental health, I believe that it is important to raise awareness of mental wellbeing and encourage people to feel like they can talk. Mental health can be impacted by so many different things and it is important to promote the different methods and support networks that are available to help maintain our wellbeing.


I am currently a Graduate of Joe Wicks’ 90 Day Plan and am due to complete the Graduate Plan in March. I enjoy going for long walks in the countryside, Mindfulness colouring books and Musical Theatre.