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University of Bath

Beckie Upton SWC Volunteer Coordinator, Student’s Union

Staff Wellbeing Champion


I work across departments in the University, supporting community action including projects around Sustainability, Wellbeing and Employability. I’m also training as a Professional Coach through the Coaching Network.

Wellbeing statement

Wellbeing is extremely important, not just on an individual level but within the communities we belong to. Without a good level of general wellbeing, all other areas of life can be impacted, including work and relationships. I'm interested in being involved in this team as it connects holistic approaches to creativity, community, personal and professional development.


I am often involved in leading Arts projects, book clubs and mentoring artists. I have my own studio in my garden, where I create abstract and expressive mixed media paintings and sculptures. I have two young children who take up much of my energy, and we are a family of foodies and adventure seekers.