University of Bath


Ongoing activities from around the University, including research projects and campus improvements.

  • Biomedical nanoscience

    Nanoscience has many biomedical applications; we are working on new pacemaker concepts, wearable glucose monitors, and new forms of drug delivery.

  • Liquid and amorphous materials

    Our research focuses on the atomic scale structure and dynamics of liquids and glasses and makes extensive use of both neutron and x-ray scattering methods.

  • Quantum devices

    We make, investigate and model electronic devices at length scales small enough that their behaviour is quantum in nature, leading to new device concepts.

  • Scanning probe microscopy

    Scanning probe microscopy can image surfaces with atomic resolution, can manipulate atoms and molecules on them, and can reveal their electronic states.

  • Two dimensional materials

    We make and study 2D layered crystals down to single, atomically-thin layers; these can be manipulated in many ways to produce new phenomena.