University of Bath

Curriculum Transformation

How we're looking to transform our curricula and approaches to assessment across all courses and programmes by 2022.

The Curriculum Transformation project is an exciting opportunity for departments to rethink their teaching so that their courses continue to be at the forefront of learning and teaching. In line with our Education Strategy 2016-2021, we aim to redesign all undergraduate and postgraduate courses by 2022.

Our key guiding principles

Curriculum transformation will be achieved by following our key guiding principles.

We aim to:

  • be inspirational, enthusing students for the subjects they choose to study and the university life they seek to lead
  • build on existing success to promote the known benefits of the University community, through the impact of Bath research and placements
  • move away from solely unit-focused delivery and assessment so that we can articulate a course-wide approach to learning
  • embrace assessment for learning to support the achievement of overall course goals and, at the same time, make the most of our institution’s resources
  • develop curricula that recognise the differing needs of students
  • create opportunities for students to actively engage with, and contribute to, research communities
  • embed citizenship and sustainability by recognising the challenges presented by changing physical and social environments
  • build on meaningful partnerships by maximising the potential contributions of our internal and external stakeholders

A phased approach

Curriculum transformation will take a phased approach to enable departments to establish a clear focus within each part of the process.

A number of courses have been chosen to begin the process in advance of the wider institutional roll-out of activity. These ‘Vanguard’ courses started work in November 2017 with the launch of Phase 1 of the Curriculum Transformation project.

Phase 1: Strategic positioning

In Phase 1, we will engage with key stakeholders in order to gather information to inform a review of course aims and vision, and for publication of the digital and print prospectus. This information will feed into activity in Phase 2.

Key dates for Phase 1

The key Phase 1 dates for undergraduate courses are:

  • up to October 2018 for courses ready to undertake activity
  • up to October 2019 for all other courses

The key Phase 1 dates for taught postgraduate courses are up to January 2019.

Phase 2: Course design

Phase 2 will develop clear and detailed strategy for learning and teaching, assessment, and delivery.

Course descriptions will be completed (including learning outcomes, course structure, assessment mapping and modes of delivery). Detailed unit descriptions will not be required.

Key dates for Phase 2

The key Phase 2 dates for undergraduate courses are:

  • up to April 2019 for courses completing Phase 1 in October 2018
  • up to April 2020 for all other courses

The key Phase 2 dates for taught postgraduate courses are up to July 2019.

Phase 3: Full course information

Full course documentation (material and non-material information) will be available, including all unit descriptions.

Key dates for Phase 3

The key Phase 3 dates are:

  • up to January 2020 for early adopters
  • up to January 2021 for all others