University of Bath

Drug delivery

We aim to improve formulations to increase the rate and extent of drug absorption at its site of administration.

Person using an inhaler
Our overall goal is to facilitate the design of better medicines

The Drug Delivery group develops new and innovative technologies to optimise drug delivery across a range of biological barriers with a particular focus on transdermal, oral, respiratory and nail drug delivery.

We have core expertise in novel particle engineering technologies for pharmaceutical systems, transdermal drug delivery by iontophoresis, prediction of oral drug absorption using in vitro tools and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling, non-invasive bio-sensing and mathematical modelling of drug delivery across the skin.

We have extensive collaborations with global pharmaceutical companies as well as a long-standing collaboration with the FDA.

The overall goal of the critical mass of investigators in "Drug Delivery" at the University of Bath, is to facilitate the design of better medicines. One of its most promising areas of designing these better medicines is in the area of improving the transport of some drugs across biological barriers where they are normally not readily absorbed.

The multi-disciplinary expertise of scientists involved in the Centre for Therapeutic Innovation are working together to develop a suite of laboratory-based experimental methods and predictive mathematical models to direct the efficient and rational design and optimisation of drug delivery systems to overcome biological barriers that limit drug delivery across biological barriers.