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University of Bath

Immersive documentary encounters

We investigate the use of virtual reality (VR) for the creation of novel forms of nonfiction content.

Camera set up to create virtual reality.
We use a range of methods.

This interdisciplinary project examines how new VR technology is being used in the creation of novel forms of nonfiction content. We are working with industry partners to investigate how VRs affordances for immersion and interaction take forward documentary's mission for storytelling about our shared world.

Our work is employing a range of methods including ethnographic observations of VR usage “in the wild”, lab based assessment of VR user experience using methods from experimental psychology and interviews with nonfiction VR content producers.

We have also commissioned three new non-fiction VR pieces which contribute to our research by pushing the boundaries of nonfiction in both form and content and providing us with detailed case studies of the challenges of VR production.


  • Danae Stanton-Fraser
  • Harry Farmer
  • Helen Brown
  • Chris Bevan