University of Bath

Peer Assisted Learning for students to enhance their language skills and intercultural awareness

This project aims to create new opportunities for language students to receive co-curricular support to deepen their linguistic and cultural understanding.

This project is building on an informal trial undertaken by students learning Mandarin Chinese and the University's existing Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) scheme, during which a tailored language and cultural awareness programme was developed between international and Foreign Language Centre (FLC) students.

A minimum of two PAL leaders are being recruited and trained to run a weekly PAL sessions for each of eight languages, delivered through our FLC Courses . From October 2017, eight weekly PAL language sessions and one multi-cultural awareness event will be running in each semester. The main outcomes from these sessions include:

  • improved language learning experience for all students
  • increased confidence in language learners
  • improved assessment results
  • increased intercultural awareness for all participants
  • increased communication skills for all participants

Working in collaboration with SU Bath, we are working towards embedding this activity in all language courses and within the SU's wider PAL scheme. This project is being actively led by students, who are participating as both PAL leaders and learners.

The PAL activities are being fully evaluated with all participants being invited to complete a questionnaire and attend a focus group to provide their feedback. Interviews are also being held with Language Teaching Fellows in order to evaluate the impact of PAL activities on classroom attendance and performance.