University of Bath

Reasonable Adjustments Development

We are working with academic departments to develop inclusive teaching and support practices for students with disabilities and that benefit all learners.

In response to the growing number of students declaring a disability, and in line with our commitment to widening participation, the University’s Disability Service is working to actively support staff in meeting the needs of disabled students. This is being addressed through the Reasonable Adjustments Project which is facilitating the implementation of inclusive curriculum design and assessment in order to remove barriers and anticipate a variety of learning needs.

Aims of the project

In response to this change we have established the Reasonable Adjustments Project managed by the Disability Working Group, which will:

  • mitigate the impact of DSA (Disabled Student Allowances) changes
  • support inclusive teaching and support practices
  • reduce the need for individual services
  • identify peer support opportunities that help students build resilience
  • enhance outcomes for all learners, not just those with disabilities.

What the project will offer

  • guidance for staff in meeting the needs of disabled students
  • a checklist of effective inclusive support strategies tailored to meet the needs of each discipline
  • improved Disability Access Plans (DAPs)
  • 1:1 support for academic staff who are implementing reasonable adjustments
  • disability awareness workshop sessions for departments
  • interactive online training module to enable staff to identify reasonable adjustments and test their knowledge.

Working with Pharmacy and Pharmacology

We are working together to develop a bank of electronic resources which will support experiential learning. The project has involved making short recordings of lab demonstrations which are accessible and inclusive.

The initial feedback from students has been very positive and there is now scope to develop further online materials. Findings of the pilot project have also recently been presented to the British Pharmacological Society.

Working with the Department of Health

We are currently working with Sports and Exercise Science and the Academic Skills Centre to develop and embed a contextualised note taking toolkit to support students in accessing lecture materials fully.

The project has also involved working collaboratively to produce guidelines for staff outlining practical strategies to make lecture notes more inclusive.

Working with Social and Policy Sciences

We are working with Social Work to develop inclusive assignment planning and feedback mechanisms. The project so far has involved using formulas to help students identify ways of developing their academic writing.

The same formulas have also been used to facilitate staff in providing more specific and focussed assessment feedback.

Working with Mathematical Sciences

We are working together to pilot pre-recording maths solutions which will enable the syncing of handwriting of solutions with audio explanations to mirror real-time solutions classes as closely as possible.

The project will also allow enable the delivery of ‘flipped’ classes where the learning is tailored and prioritised depending on the learning needs of the students.