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University of Bath

Stopping Tobacco Organisations and Products (STOP)

STOP is a brand new global tobacco industry watchdog based partly in Bath which works to accelerate tobacco control and expose tobacco industry tactics.

A businessman being offered a package in a brown envelope
The research will expose tactics used by the tobacco industry

Seven million people die from tobacco-related causes every year, yet the tobacco industry continues to market and advertise its products including by increasingly targeting low to middle income countries. By exposing the deceptive practices deployed by Big Tobacco companies, STOP will seek to challenge that.

With partners based in Thailand, France and New York, the new global watchdog, will publish investigative reports detailing the tobacco industry’s lobbying tactics and marketing strategies, and will provide tools and training materials for low- and middle-income countries to push back against the industry’s influence.

In collaboration between the STOP partners, it will highlight to a wide public how Big Tobacco is using unethical business practices:

  • to hook a new generation of smokers
  • to undermine tobacco control
  • to derail public health policies

STOP is a robust monitoring, research and reporting project, designed to align closely with existing tobacco control work and bolster current efforts.

Stopping the tobacco industry

Through this project, partners will:

  • create a one-stop destination website, mobile app and tools to make it easy for advocates, policy makers and journalists to rapidly access information on the tobacco industry
  • create a secure way for whistleblowers to report on tobacco industry practices
  • share analysis of internal industry documents and other cutting-edge industry research
  • publish regular exposés on abuses and tactics
  • engage with media
  • expose and counter the industry’s PR strategies


Bloomberg Philanthropies' total STOP investment of $20 million over three years will support this collaborative project to develop a global monitoring system ($15m) and also support existing Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use partners ($5m).

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