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University of Bath

Visual computing

We work at the intersection of computer vision and computer graphics.

motion capture studio
We are well known for bringing together vision and graphics.

Research themes

Computer graphics

  • Photorealistic rendering
  • 2D cel animation
  • 3D facial animation
  • Emotion representation
  • Animation using artificial intelligence to drive facial models to express emotions
  • Advanced compositing generalising current colour models and seeking to unify various rendering techniques
  • Physical modelling for virtual reality

Computer vision

  • Content-Based Video Retrieval, in which sketches are to be used as queries
  • Image understanding involving the use of Gestalt principles to parse photographs into meaningful parts
  • Non-linear camera models
  • Non-photorealistic rendering from images and video
  • graphics-vision convergence

In addition to the above two themes, we are well known for bringing together vision and graphics. We run the national Vision, Video and Graphics network of excellence. Our research includes cameras that can “see around corners” and processing photographs and video into artwork.

Computer music

  • Electronic music synthesis
  • Notation and playing systems
  • Composers’ assistants
  • Algorithmic composition

We are the distributors of various internationally known synthesis systems and provide software support to a growing community of composers.


There are opportunities for postgraduate research throughout our group. To apply, first contact members of staff who share your interests, or look at their proposed PhD projects posted on