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University of Bath

Academic Framework guidance

Guidance about the academic framework approved by Senate, for UG and PGT course designers embarking on curriculum transformation and new course design.

The Academic Framework refers to the regulatory provisions that underpin the design and delivery of our courses.

At its April 2021 meeting, Senate agreed key elements for our future Academic Framework for course design that replace the previously agreed version. The agreed core elements are available to read via the link below.

These elements set out our institutional expectations for the design of taught courses and should be considered ‘core’ to course design as part of Curriculum Transformation, and for new UG courses from 2023/24 and new PGT courses from 2022/23.

Fuller explanation and supporting guidance will be built into formal Academic Framework documentation to be developed in 2021.

Enquiries about the content on this page should be directed to Academic Registry in the first instance.

Further information about transforming our curricula is available from the Centre for Learning & Teaching or by contacting your Faculty/School Curriculum Development Officer.

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