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University of Bath

Foyer booking rules

Rules and usage instructions for the booking of foyer spaces on campus.

The following foyer spaces can be booked for events and activities:

  • 1 West Level 2 foyer (maximum capacity of 100 people)
  • 2 East foyer (50)
  • 3 East foyer (50)
  • 3 West North foyer (50)
  • 4 West Atrium (100)
  • 5 West foyer (50)
  • Chancellors' Building Level 1 (100) and Level 2 foyers (100)
  • East Building Level 0 (50) and Level 1 Foyers (50)
  • University Hall foyer (50)


It is not possible to book foyers during teaching hours (before 5.15pm).

If you're booking foyer spaces in 3 West North, Chancellors' Building Level 2, East Building Level 1 and University Hall, your will be required to book the adjacent lecture theatres.

5 West foyer must be booked via Outlook Calendar - "5 West Level 2 Foyer". Please contact the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology for further details.

During the Summer Vacation, foyers in Chancellors' Building and East Building must be booked through Conferences and Events.

Usage Instructions

Locations for the foyer spaces, and guidance on their usage can be found in the documents below.