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University of Bath

Project scope, planning and approval

Use these project management templates when scoping and planning University projects.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Group has approved a standard approach to project management to ensure University projects are managed consistently. We encourage you to read this guidance and use the project management templates and resources.

This page includes the following templates:

Stage 1: Preparation and Approval of Business Case

  • PM1 - Business Case (project proposal and rationale)

Stage 2: Preparation and Approval of Project Plan

  • PM2 - Project Brief (initial outline)
  • PM3 - Risk Assessment (identify risks and determine how to manage them)
  • PM4 - Stakeholder Engagement (to identify stakeholders)
  • PM5 - Project Plan (and a worked example)
  • PM6 - Training and Development
  • PM6a - Training Plan

You'll find guidance on managing projects through Stages 1 and 2 of the project cycle in:

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